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What is open source? and Why open source ..!!

Nov 05,2020 posted by Ajmal I M A

We are living in a time where even school and job is going online.Have you ever thought that what is the code written for enabling this. In the world without computers there was theft happening by snatching or pickpocketing , in the cyber world you may think about hackers or crackers.

Have you ever thought that the same potential of hackers and crackers are there in the softwares , application and Website that you use.We have never thought of that and not all of us are computer experts.But now we know that in the digital world we are vulnerable in many aspects.This is where the scope of open source philosophy come in to picture.

So now you may ask what is an open source software.It is very simple...We know that any software is written by lots of line of code.If a software is open source anyone can access or read the code . This is the fundamental idea of what an open source software is .

What is the advantage of this:

  1. We can understand how the software really do.
  2. We as a users can evaluate what is the merits , demerits and other issues.
  3.  If you are interested you can modify if the terms and conditions permit and configure it way that one wants.

We know a popular open source example , the GNU-Linux which one of the best example . This is even used large servers and even satelites are programme.

This is the success of open source.This should be a part of our culture and life.It will make a change in the digital life......

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good blog.

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