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A period of 12 years down and more to go

Nov 28,2020 posted by Amitha

A world as snap crackling as today’s, brimming with emerging technologies and implementation, it is indeed quite a hard journey for an organisation to not only maintain its fretwork, but rise through all the inflicted challenges into an enriched mansion of togetherness, hard-work, innovative ideologies, and most importantly the passion to flourish, not only the individual self, but the whole family within!

Voyo Technologies quite delightfully celebrates the 12th Anniversary amidst a whole memory lane of numerous challenges and more than that, the satiating hunger to make our clients happy. It is not less than a miracle how the enterprise grew, from the fragments of hope to a well-established software front line. The global and national wide-spread of the Voyo community induces the strength and belief in the whole team and what we hope is for it to spread its wings and take the highest of the flights. Our aim has always been embracing the customer’s, to turn their needs into desires, to produce the output that would spark those flames within the client himself! Thereby, customisation, being our core artillery, the beads of security are maintained through the evolving communication as that bridge is what has been holding the enterprise as firm as it is today. In these 12 years, the company has witnessed a plethora of talented, skilled, extremely diligent youth and professionals with this empowering drive to make a difference through their contributions and the mentors take immense pleasure in training the fresher’s, guiding them throughout the right direction. The industrial revolution keeps raising the bar higher and higher with every fleeting moment, and it is our unbound responsibility to capture that essence and blend it into something worthy. At the end, it’s all about one’s perception of dream. We believe in rendering the platform for one to dream whatever they want regarding the technology meanwhile we dive through to make it real for them. A lot of these employees might not be here in a few years, or even months but we take pride in claiming them as our partners, the reasons why we grew so much!

A sister company: Suvan Technology Solutions have banged Fastest growing Indian IT Company Award at 10th achievers summit 2018 hosted at Thailand and it is moments and achievements like these that imbibe the sense of striving in us. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Voyo Technologies. We can’t wait to accommodate the rising youth and to make them accomplish unimaginable goals on a global spectrum. 12 years has been a journey of hard-core integrity and decisions, and we can only imagine the elevated kingdom this enterprise could turn into, in merely few years from now! We are a chance, for few to dream, few to rise, and few to revert back to their roots and well we reside underneath the warm blankets of growth and knowledge, an ever-open portal to dreamers from all over the world.

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